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Due To Cheap Chinese Onions And a Large Supply Of New Zealand, The Market Still Has No Demand For Onions From The Far East

2020-09-03 13:55:35

The price of a bag of onions in the Netherlands is currently between 19 and 21 cents. "There is no problem with the price," Gerard Hoekman said. "We are transitioning from planting onions that are about to be used up to the first batch of seed onions. I expect medium-quality products will definitely maintain their price levels. The first batch of seed onions is still small, therefore, it also provides space for the sale of poor quality planted onions. "In terms of exports, the onion market remains quiet. Africa has already begun to import. Unfortunately, there is no demand in the Far East. There is a cheap supply of Chinese onions in the region, and the new market puts a lot of pressure on the market.

New Zealand has more stocks than in previous years, therefore, sales will be increased. "Exporter Gerard Hoekman pointed out. "In addition, as more and more British products enter the market, exports to the UK are currently slowing. Onions in other parts of Europe are basically self-sufficient." He said that in terms of quality, the onion harvest looks good. "The high temperatures in recent weeks have already caused sunburns on onions. We can clearly see this from the batch of onions that have come in in recent days. We have to wait and see what effect the hot summer weather will have. We expect production to fall compared with last year, but the demand of each market will play a decisive role in sales. In any case, we must rely on exports to sell.”

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