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Ginger And Garlic From Linyi Tancheng

2020-08-04 11:39:34

Ginger: Tancheng ginger is of good quality, large in size, bright in skin color, juicy and delicious. It is a commonly used condiment in daily life and can also be used medicinally. Ginger has a long history of planting in Tancheng. The county's planting area is about 8,000 mu, with an annual output of 3 million jin. Mainly distributed in Tancheng, Matou, Chongfang, Gaofengtou, Yangji and other towns, the products sell well in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian and other provinces in Northeast China.
Garlic: Tancheng garlic is comparable to Cangshan garlic. It is one of the key garlic producing areas in our province. The county has a planting area of 50,000 mu and an annual output of more than 60 million jin of garlic. Tancheng garlic has large heads, uniform cloves and no broken cloves. It is crisp, sticky, fragrant, and spicy. It is a necessity in daily life and has high medicinal value. Its function is to relieve heat and reduce dampness, sterilize and detoxify, have certain curative effect on common diseases such as colds, diarrhea, dysentery, and reduce nitrite in the human stomach, and has a good anti-cancer effect. Tancheng garlic sells well all over the country every year and exported to Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries and regions.
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