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The Harvest of New Garlic in Europe Will Depend on Whether There Is Enough Labor

2020-05-13 10:56:12

Demand for garlic in the European market is high, and garlic prices are rising, and its inventory is also limited. In terms of distribution, the situation has become more complicated due to product shortages.

Bruno Volonteri said: "In Spain, there is indeed a shortage of garlic at the end of this season. There is not a lot of garlic available in other producing countries. Argentina's harvest is very small. Due to special circumstances, the country's economic activity has now slowed down. Egypt's The harvest is mainly used in markets such as Australia, Taiwan, Brazil and Pakistan. "

Labor force

Since the remaining stock is almost non-existent, the new European garlic season can guarantee high prices, which is beneficial to producers. "But considering the importance of manual labor for garlic harvesting, this will depend entirely on the supply of labor in the coming months." Spain's first production area will start harvesting in about a month. "Normally, workers in Eastern Europe or Morocco are engaged in harvesting work, but no one knows when the border will open again."China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality

"The same is true in Italy and France," Sylvain Mazeaud added. The harvest period of French dried garlic is about one month to one and a half months after Spain, which leaves them little time to organize labor. However, it is not clear whether all garlic can be accurately harvested, dried and processed. Without labor, garlic always runs the risk of rot in the field. However, the handling of French fresh green garlic harvested from the end of April will be more complicated. They require a lot of human resources to harvest, peel and trim.

Logistics challenges

In terms of logistics, Sylvain pointed out that it is difficult for them to find a carrier to deliver the order. Due to the outbreak of special circumstances, many drivers no longer work. In addition, some carriers have reduced the number of trucks and can no longer guarantee delivery dates. Delivery times are usually delayed by at least one day. "

Uncertain market

Part of the company's series of products is dedicated to the catering industry. With the closure of restaurants and collective units, their demand for these products has completely stopped.

Stocks with shorter validity periods retained by the industry will be destroyed.

The company also supplies products to wholesalers in markets with different national interests. The closure of the French open-air market has caused its sales to drop significantly. "Our customers partially supply open-air market distributors, and their demand has been greatly reduced." The recently reopened 25% of the market may not necessarily improve this situation. "Most of the time, these are markets in small villages, not big markets that can be sold in large quantities."

"In Rungis, the closure of the Paris open-air market has punished garlic sales punitively. In addition, the Rungis market was closed on Monday, April 6 due to this health crisis. The future situation remains to be seen. Measures change regularly. This is completely uncertain. "