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How About Chinese Onions in the European Market?

2020-05-16 10:19:58

In recent months, the Chinese onion market has performed well. This is partly due to a shortage of onions in the European market, so European traders are looking for more onion supply from other countries such as China. "Usually, we export onions to Southeast Asian markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. However, very different from last year, this year, all European countries suddenly started looking for our onions, like Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo and the Netherlands."

The company specializes in exporting onions and garlic. Their production base is located in Jinxiang County, Jining City, Shandong Province, covering an area of 500 acres. The sudden increase in demand for onions has also affected China Garlic Prices, as Mr. Meng explained: "Due to the current increase in demand, the prices of yellow onions are rising. We also supply purple onions, but purple onions are more difficult to export because the variety is more It is difficult to store and the risk of poor quality upon arrival is greater. Therefore, we mainly export yellow onions. "

Mr. Meng supplies yellow onions of different specifications, each country has its own preferences. He mentioned: "Our onion specifications are different and different countries have different preferences for this. For example, Korea and Japan prefer 9-11cm and 9-12cm specifications. In Europe, we sell more onion specifications It is 6-8 cm and 7-9 cm. It is comparable to last year's output, and this year's output is normal. "