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If You Want to Sell Garlic at a Good Price, The Key Is to Achieve These Points

2020-05-19 11:37:02

It is another season of garlic planting. If the China Garlic Price is high next year, in addition to reducing the planting area, how to make garlic high-yield and high-quality is very important. China garlic suppliers provide consumers around the world with reasonable China Garlic Price and high quality garlic and garlic products.Even if you have been planting garlic for more than ten years, you must update your concepts and attach importance to scientific planting. Scientific fertilization, the only way to achieve a good harvest of garlic.

First, fine land preparation

It is advisable to grow garlic with a thick, fertile, loose, sandy soil with good drainage. Generally, deep ploughing is 15 to 20 cm, and 1000 to 1500 kg of fertilizing fertilizer is used as the base fertilizer in combination with deep ploughing acres. The soil is pulverized and crushed.

Second, preferred varieties

For garlic cloves, you must go through the strict "two choices and one point", that is, when buying garlic bulbs, you should choose garlic with morphological characteristics, that is, the size and color of the scale are the same, the appearance is plump and plump, and it is dry. There is no " Bud garlic ". Before sowing, you also need to select the petals, open the garlic head, remove the damaged bud tips or rotten petals, yellow petals, and light body petals, and choose complete, medium-sized and flat garlic petals for garlic seedling cultivation.

Third. Timely sowing

The garlic planting season is in autumn, generally from late September to early October, and the harvest season is between spring and summer the following year. The cultivation season is determined according to the local natural conditions and the temperature requirements of garlic. In addition, there are differences in the cold resistance and growth period of different varieties, which also need to be considered. Sowing takes hole planting, 2-3 petals per hole, with a distance of 17-20 cm and a depth of 3-4 cm. After sowing, it is covered with a layer of plant ash or poured on a layer of mud and sand. The planting amount per mu is 150-200 kg (the amount used depends on the variety).

Fourth.Fertilizer Management

Before the site preparation, apply 20-25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate, 8-10 kg of superphosphate, and 4-5 kg ​​of potassium chloride. Miao fertilizer: In the early stage of the third leaf after the whole seedling, 1500-2000 kg of human and animal manure are applied per mu, plus 5 kg of urea. Wafer fertilizer: The so-called wax fertilizer is a supplementary fertilizer applied to crops this winter to the spring. Apply 10 kg of ammonium bicarbonate per mu, 1000-1200 kg of human and animal manure, or 50 kg of vegetable cake, 18 kg of urea, and 5 kg of potassium chloride. Pumping moss fertilizer: 15 kg of urea per acre during garlic pumping. Foliar spraying fertilizer: During the period of rapid expansion of garlic, spray 0.2-0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution per mu, and it is best to spray it before and after the Valley Rain Festival.

Fifth. Field Management

After the garlic is harvested, use bamboo to move the seedlings and set the seedlings. Fertilize after fixing seedlings, and weed in time. Soil loosening before and after the great cold. The drainage ditch should be dredged in time in late February of the following year. In case of drought, the ditch irrigation should be used for drought resistance.

Sixth Control of Diseases and Insects

The main pests and diseases of garlic are blight and coffee bean. Mu is sprayed with 25% Doyin Ling 100 g water 50 kg spray to control the epidemic disease, garlic coffee beans can be fumigated with lead phosphide 3-5 g per cubic meter.

The above is the introduction of autumn garlic planting technology. I hope this article can help everyone.