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Four Technologies for Garlic Processing

2020-05-20 11:22:46

1. Processing of garlic slices and garlic powder

Choose garlic with full maturity, full petals, strong spicy flavor, and plump head. Remove the fibrous roots, cut off the stem plate, soak for 1-2 days, rub and peel, wash, dry, and slice into thin slices. Steam for 5 minutes. The far-infrared drying device is used, the loading capacity is 5-6 kg per square meter, the temperature is 70 ° C, and it is dried for about 6-7 hours, and then packed to a moisture content of 6-7%, and then packed and stored. The production of garlic powder only needs to add a milling and sieving process on the basis of processing garlic slices to obtain the finished product.

2. Processing of Sichuan Pickled Garlic

The garlic heads were harvested before and after the beginning of summer, the fibrous roots were removed, the epidermis was peeled off 2-3 layers, and the fake stems were left for 5 cm, washed and dried. Add 4 kg of salt to 50 kg of water, boil and cool, and add 50 g of pepper, 1 kg of red pepper, 1.5 kg of ginger, and 1.5 kg of wine to make a marinade. Then put the whole garlic into a jar or bubble jar, pour in the marinade, and seal it with a lid. Generally, it is ready for fermentation for 10 days at normal temperature.

3. Sweet, sour and garlic processing

Remove the cap of garlic, rinse with water, cut into small pieces of 3 cm long, process into the jar and add salt, invert the jar twice a day, remove it after four or five days, put it on the mat and knead it; system. (Marinade recipe: sugar, vinegar, water mixed and boiled, cooled into the tank), pour 10, once a month to serve.

4. Processing of spiced and spiced garlic

50 kg of garlic, 2 kg of salt, 10 kg of red (white) sugar, 0.5 kg of soy sauce, garlic treatment is the same as 2. Wash and dry the garlic. Sprinkle a layer of garlic with salt, marinate it all day and night, re-enter the tank, add sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, allspice and marinade prepared with cold water, marinate again, and seal with plastic cloth . Rotate the cylinder twice a day, open the cylinder to diffuse for 4-5 hours the next day, and change to deflation once every 3 days after half a month.

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