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"Domestic Garlic Dealers Speculate To Make Garlic Exports More Profitable"

2020-05-21 11:05:49

In the previous quarter, the domestic garlic market held high prices, which not only did not have an excessive impact on exports, but actually raised the export prices. Regarding the garlic export market in recent months, Manager Qi said.


"In 2019, the garlic production in Shandong production areas will be reduced by about 30%. In terms of prices, the current export price of garlic is about double that of the same period last year, and the current price is $ 1300-1500 / ton. The increase in prices is mainly due to changes in market supply and demand. As a result, there are still about 2,000 tons of garlic in our warehouse at this stage, and the inventory is slightly higher than the same period of last year. When it comes to the forecast of the garlic production season this year, Manager Qi said, "This season, the area of ​​garlic planted in Shandong's main producing areas Increased by about 20%. After the production of new garlic, the market China Garlic Price is expected to decrease. "

"At present, the Middle East and Europe are our main overseas markets. We export about 7,000 tons of garlic to the Middle East each year, about 2,000 tons of garlic to Europe, and about 1,000 tons to Southeast Asia." Manager Qi introduced Say. In recent years, our annual garlic export volume has been basically stable. Although there were many domestic merchants hoarding garlic for hype in the last quarter, this was more beneficial to exporters to a certain extent. As a condiment with rigid demand, when the supply of garlic in overseas markets is less than demand, the Garlic Price is virtually raised, making exporters more profitable. "