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Low Garlic Prices, Garlic Farmers Are Not Optimistic About the Next Year's Garlic Market, Why Still Planting

2020-05-22 11:13:54

Jinxiang County, Garlic Township, the main garlic producing area in Shandong, is a suitable period for garlic planting around the National Day each year. The garlic farmers here will seize the favorable period and plant garlic as soon as possible. The proper seeding temperature for garlic is below 25 degrees. During the National Day holiday in 2019, the temperature is still very bad because it is still around 30 degrees. Some plants grow prematurely, do not dare to water, and have been delaying the time of watering. The purpose is just to make the garlic safe to survive the current high temperature. According to the weather forecast, there is a strong cold air. October 4th and 5th affected the main garlic production areas in Shandong. This gave the garlic farmers the confidence to grow garlic. According to the experience of growing garlic, the suitable temperature for garlic growth is about 20-25 degrees. The mulch is covered with mulch. After the garlic has been planted, the temperature continues to be higher than 30 degrees. The longer the duration, the worse the garlic emerges. The newly covered mulch film has good light transmission, heat preservation and moisture retention. Under the hot sunlight, the temperature in the mulch film can reach about 40-50 degrees, which obviously exceeds the suitable temperature of garlic. Garlic is difficult to germinate under high temperature climate conditions. Due to the high temperature, garlic seeds are easily burned after planting, which causes severe lack of seedlings and ridges of the garlic, and even more than 90% of the entire plot does not emerge. In this way, the garlic petals will rot .

When planting garlic, moisture is essential and sufficient water to regulate the temperature in the soil. Compared with other crops, garlic covered with plastic film is not restricted by the dryness and wetness of the soil. The soil is dry and can be irrigated with water. When the temperature is high, there is no good solution. After the arrival of cold air from the north, seasonal changes forced the temperature to drop to a temperature suitable for garlic. This year's high drought and high temperatures are not good for growing garlic, but they still have not stopped the farmers' enthusiasm for growing garlic.

Since entering the National Day, the Garlic Price has not risen significantly. Compared with the early period of harvesting garlic this year, it has been hovering at a low price. There are a lot of stale garlic stored in the cold store below two pieces, and the price of new garlic. At around two or five or six, there are stockists who have just listed on the new garlic and have made a large number of purchases. The price per catty is as high as 4 yuan and 5 cents. Now they need to go out of the warehouse. Generally, the good quality garlic does not exceed 4 yuan per catty. Obviously, from now on, more than half of the stockists are unable to accept the fact of the market, and the stockpile continues to extend the storage period of garlic, expecting the market price to rise, and then take the opportunity. Generally speaking, the downturn in the garlic market will directly affect the enthusiasm of garlic farmers in growing garlic. In the main garlic producing areas, garlic farmers who grow garlic for a living do not seem to have the enthusiasm for growing garlic, because the price of garlic has changed. Farmers who gave up growing garlic and replanted other crops suitable for large-scale mechanical harvesting are mainly because they have more time to go out to work to grow other crops, the benefits of going out to work, the stability of their income, and the labor they pay are far less than those at home. Income from growing crops such as garlic and wheat.

The reason why farmers in the main garlic growing areas choose to grow garlic is to a large extent that China Garlic Prices may increase in the future and is worth a bet. Even if the planted garlic is not profitable, it can catch a good stubble. For example, planting garlic can be widely planted with cash crops such as peppers and cotton. The next crop will have a good market prospect in terms of yield and economic benefits.