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There Are Many Garlic Sellers, And The Number Is Not Expected To Change Next Year

2020-05-23 11:23:31

We have harvested more this year than last year. The most important reason is that this year's planting area has expanded and there are more new planting areas. The overall quality of the garlic we harvested is good and there are some bad phenomena, but it is very few in general. "The exporter said. The situation he described is in line with China's current garlic market trend, with garlic production increasing from last year.

"The price of garlic in 2020 is difficult to say, and may continue to fall or rise. Whether or not China ’s garlic production will continue to increase in 2020 depends on the trend of China Garlic Prices this year and how passionate garlic growers are. More. "He said. As garlic production increases, this is putting pressure on the current garlic market in China. However, he stated that "there are many sellers of garlic, but not many will leave the industry. In this highly competitive environment, our company will maintain its customers and control the quality of shipments so that it can communicate with Other companies compete. "