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Pears And Garlic Have Antitussive Effects

2020-06-15 11:14:07

In autumn and winter, the weather is cold and dry. Children, the elderly, and people with low immunity are prone to respiratory infections and coughing. Two simple and effective family medicine diet methods are recommended.

One pear, pitted, put 5 grams of fritillariae cirrhosae ,steam for half an hour through water, drink soup and eat pears. It is recommended to take it at night, once a day. This method is suitable for patients characterized by repeated coughing, sticky phlegm, and red tongue. 

If it is a cough caused by cold wind and cold, you can take a head of garlic, sprinkle it and sprinkle 5 grams of dried ginger powder, add 100 ml of water, steam for half an hour, remove the residue to extract juice, add 5 grams of brown sugar, and take it at night before going to bed.Chinese garlic suppliers provide reasonable China garlic price and high quality garlic for consumers all over the world. Eating garlic scientifically helps us keep healthy.

The above two methods are suitable for adults and children. After taking it, the general mild cough can gradually recover. If it still does not relieve after 3 days or there is a tendency to worsen, please consult a doctor in time.